What Makes us different

If you like intelligent lively conversation this is the place for you!

We specialise in quiet calm breaks for people who want to relax in the countryside and take things easy. Our guests comment on the peace and quiet we offer, with off street private parking which is in short supply in some of the local towns. We serve great breakfasts and evening meals and although we do not have a drinks licence guests often bring their own. We happily cater for small private birthday parties too and can provide a birthday cake instead of pudding if required.

There are restaurants in Kirkcudbright which is just 3 miles away and has a local taxi service if you donít want to drive, (though we hope you will try our own evening meals).

We are concerned about and for the environment and sustainable food production which is why we only use organic milk for breakfasts as well as locally sourced fish and meats. We also bake all of our own bread using organic flour. We dislike waste, especially with so many people in the world still starving, so we ask guests to choose their breakfast the evening before thereby cutting down on unwanted food waste. We like to eat well but responsibly.

We grow our own vegetables and fruit without nasty sprays, which are then used in our evening meals. We use only quality meat from our local butcher not supermarket cheap factory farmed. Our hens have a good outdoor life and produce superb award winning eggs with beautiful golden yolks.

We use as little plastics as possible and although we have no recycling collections here we take all of our re-cyclables to the local collection point.

These things are important to us and our discerning guests.

Our guest book confirms our claims, and visitors are coming back too. why not give us a try.

Look at our Sample Menus to see what is available, there are new things being introduced as the seasons change too. We make a point of not serving smoked salmon, we are not willing to add to the problems that wild salmon have by supporting the practice of high density salmon farming, (if you are interested in finding out more please ask) as a delicious alternative we have sue's home caught and hot smoked trout served for breakfast or in a white wine sauce with pasta for dinner.

What makes us really different are the workshops run by Sue.

Wool spinning, knitting, feltmaking and tatting classes see www.handspun-exotics.co.uk