Sample Menus

All dishes subject to availability


fruit juices
Due to the insecticides fed to farmed salmon and the negative impact on wild salmon we are no longer serving salmon for breakfast however when in season we will be serving our own home caught and smoked trout with or without scrambled eggs
or choice from:-
local pork sausages, bacon, egg, black pudding, mushrooms etc


Naturally Leavened White Loaf
Naturally Leavened White Loaf

(we do not serve "sliced white") We are dedicated to providing REAL bread, this is hand made by Simon and may include Rye, Spelt and Naturally Leavened made with naturally occurring yeast which is healthier for you and gives a great crust, or homemade white or wholemeal bread served with a range of home made jams or marmalade.

Evening meals

Light Alternative - Homemade Soup with Speciality Bread & Piece of Cake £10.00 per person.

Sesame Rolls
Sesame Rolls


2 courses £19.50 per person. 3 courses £24.00 per person.
All food served is home made on the premises.

This includes breads,starters,mains, puddings & pastries, (all of which are to die for).

Starter or pudding plus main course,

Starters could include, Homemade soup and bread, Homemade bruschetta with garlic mushrooms and dressed salad leaves. Bruschetta with parma ham, baby tomatoes and balsamic vinegar dressing. Homemade chicken liver pate served with our own relish and toast. Spicy prawns with sesame and tomato salsa. Small savoury stuffed rolls.

Pesto Rolls
Pesto Rolls

Sample menu 1

Butternut squash and mushroom risotto,
using a blend of rices, delicately flavoured with spices.
Served with parmesan crisps.


Home made lemon meringue tart with cream or Cream of Galloway vanilla ice cream

Sample menu 2

Chicken and ham pie
selection of seasonal fresh vegetables


Black mixed berry Cassis trifle
slightly boozy and full of flavour

Sample menu 3

Mediterranean penne, with a choritzo, mushroom,olive and caper sauce.
Served with home made peppardew and olive foccacia bread

Pepperdew Foccacia
Pepperdew Foccacia


Tia Maria Tiramisu
another boozy concoction, creamy and dreamy

Sample menu 4

Chicken breast wrapped in parma ham and served on a bed of roasted vegetables.


Seasonal Fruit Menopause Crumble (Oat and seed Mix)
Served with fresh cream or ice cream.

Sample menu 5

Pan fried whiting on a bed of Arbroath Smokie Puy lentils.


Luscious traditional Scottish raspberry Cranachan

Sample menu 6

Warm Chicken Caesar salad,
fresh crispy leaves served with a traditional but light variation of this delicious sauce and flavoursome croutons, all garlicky, sea salty and yummy


Seasonal fruit Pavlova
crispy outside, soft marshmallowy inside.

Sample menu 7

Fresh home caught trout with white wine and garlic sauce with tagliatelli
specially designed to enhance the flavour of the trout.

(no whole fish looking at you here)


Fruit tart in a light sweet crust pastry served with cream or ice cream

Sample menu 8

Morrocan Lamb
with mixed roast vegetables.


Creme Brulée

All dishes subject to availability